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2024 Forecast Issue

'Twas The Playbook Before Christmas ...

Oh My Ohtani

Four Your Consideration

This Seems Fun

Pro League Network Wants to Turn Slap Fighting, People Wrestling in Cars, Playing Mini Golf into Sports You'd Bet On

Floats, C-Notes, Gravy Boats

Houston, We Have No Problem At All


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Athletes are going to ruin sports, aren't they?

We got next

That's why they call it gambling

Legends of the Fall

MLB Playoffs Get Interesting, NFL Week 5, Artificial Intelligence for Sports Betting

Can Artificial Intelligence Win Your Sports Bets?

And they're off ...

Florida, man

Florida Sports Betting, Aaron Rodgers' Achilles, Great Teams are Terrible Now. Sports.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

It's Almost Time, Kentucky!

'Charters' Collect the Data That Makes NFL Fantasy, Sports Betting Possible

No Football Clichés in this Newsletter

Fútbol/Football Is Life!

ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Sports…Betting?

Bet Bash 3 is on Tap!

Idan Ravin Turned Actors in Magic, Kareem and Bird for HBO's "Winning Time"

It's a Great Weekend to Be a Fight Fan


Florida Sports Betting Then and Now with Brandon Kravitz of The Game

Good Timing, Kentucky

Sports Betting in Sunshine State Takes Step Forward

NFL Hands Down Suspensions for Gambling

With the First Pick in the 2023 NBA Draft …

North Carolina and Vermont, Welcome to the Sports Betting Party!

PGA Tour, LIV Merger Takes Center Stage

It's Finally Time for the Finals!

Is it Time for the Finals Yet?

Let the Big Dog Bet!

Happy Anniversary, Sports Bettors!

Ready for the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports?

And With the No. 1 Pick of the 2023 NFL Draft…

Are You Ready to Ball (and bet on the NBA Postseason)?

Teeing it up for Augusta

March Madness Brings…

March Madness Crazy Enough For You?

Is March Driving You Mad, Yet?

The Online Sportsbooks Are Coming!

It's a Great Time To Bet on Basketball!


The Rock Isn't the Only One With Something Cooking

One. More. Game.

No Football Game? No Problem!

It's a Miracle!

Time To Get Serious

Ready To Bet on Wild Wildcard Weekend?

How 'Bout Those Horned Frogs?