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Your Game is a Minute Behind

Your Game is a Minute Behind

And your sports bets are suffering because of it

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More than 100 million are expected to watch Super Bowl 58 on Sunday.

Many of them will take in conventional broadcasts, meaning their game will have coursed as digital data packets from Allegiant Stadium, into space, bounced off satellites, been briefly slowed to check for something the Federal Communication Commission found objectionable, and then routed by cable companies to living rooms and sports bars all around the United States and beyond.

The delay between the obligatory game-changing referee’s decision - hello, James Bradberry - and the beer slam or obscenity in those living rooms and sports bars could be upwards of 60 seconds.

That may be good news for those few needing extra seconds for mental wellness. But it's not good for sports bettors wondering why their in-play bets failed. They never had a chance without a delay. Viewers watching on apps have a distinct advantage, but all viewers have the opportunity for the same experience, says Jed Corenthal.

It's all about latency, the term for the speed with which a real-life event can be transmitted from a field of play to a living room a screen a half world away.

Phenix Real Time Solutions claims to have the technology to narrow this gap to less than a human can comprehend. They just need more broadcast companies to pay for the service. If so, they'd be following multiple sports betting companies into the future, Corenthal said in an interview with Gaming Today.

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