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Jerad Finck on safeguarding gamblers in Web3, spatial web

Jerad Finck on safeguarding gamblers in Web3, spatial web

Founder of Cosmic Wire talks spatial web and the new tech that will define online gambling

Jerad Finck, former med student, coder, digital rights management expert, Billboard-charting singer-songwriter, and a Web3 and spatial web entrepreneur joins the Gaming Today Playbook Podcast to share how Cosmic Wire could help change the future of security and interaction online, not only in the gambling industry, but all industries.

Finck goes deep into tech world in this podcast, so here are some terms that might be new to you.

DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

KYCKYBAML: Know your customer, know your business, anti-money-laundering.

NGO: Non-governmental organization.

PSN: PlayStation Network.

Solana: A blockchain platform designed to host decentralized platforms.

SAP: System Analysis Program

SPL: A cryptocurrency generated by Solana.

Zero-trust environment: Definition

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