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I have had a Barstool account since Jan 1 when we went live here in Ohio... Never used it much after the promo cash ran out (don't remember ever depositing anything after day 1). So was anxiously awaiting this new app. And was even more surprised to see once I placed a wager Tuesday afternoon, I immediately was notified of my 4 free $50 wagers in my account. I like the notifications that they send out after a winning wager (seems faster than on other platforms). The layout and color-scheme really jump off the page.

A couple dislikes so far: When moving a line (alt line wagers), it seems it's always a "full" point. So if a line is at 6.5, you can't drop it to 6, it has to be 5.5. Also, when trying to tease a wager, sometimes it allows you to tease only 4 or 5 points, instead of the standard 6 or 7.

I do like the ability to deposit via Venmo (seems very secure). I have not tried to withdrawal anything yet, will see how the weekend goes, lol.

Overall, with 17+ books available here in Ohio, my 3 go-to books right now seem to be the new ESPNBet, Tipico and Fanatics. I know, not the "Big Ones", but I like just a regular app and book. Nothing fancy, lol.

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